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why does everyone want to be her friend this morning? we'll hear from her on "gma." welcome into times square this morning. good morning, america. happy humpday to robin at home. sam is in las vegas, to judge the miss america pageant. welcome back to josh from miami, amy robach back again, ginger zee. a lot to get to. a busy wednesday. we have new jersey governor, chris christie, here in the studio. he's a big star in the gop. has tough words for his republican colleagues in washington. we're going to weigh in on gun violence and the white house buzz he seems to generate. >> he always does, george. new video emerging of a man duct-taped to his seat, after he became very unruly. yes, there was alcohol involved. but the question is --
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did the airline go too far? the passengers actually did that, from what i understand. >> wow. and a real battle royale between two of america's biggest names, target and amazon. and it's going to save all of us money. >> okay, looking forward to that. let's get right now to josh and today's top stories. >> we're going to begin with this continuing fight against the flu. this morning, dozens of states are in the midst of an epidemic. look here at illinois, reporting at least five deaths. with at least 150 other patients in intensive care at this hour. hospitals struggling to keep up there. and abc's alex perez in the middle of it all. good morning to you in chicago, alex. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this is one of the hospitals that had so many flu patients they had to turn some away. this is the earliest start to the flu season in a decade. many hospitals are scrambling to keep up. this morning, emergency rooms across the country are being inundated with patients fighting the flu. a whopping 41 states are battling widespread outbreaks.
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>> i couldn't breathe, even worse, my face was, like, sweaty. >> reporter: in chicago, at one point, eight hospitals were diverting flu patients with nonlife-threatening conditions from their own crowded e.r.s to those with fewer patients. at northwestern memorial, they've seen a 20% increase in flu patients, 30 to 50 a day. >> everybody who needs to be admitted sits in the emergency department. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, so many flu patients, one hospital built a triage tent outside the e.r. and at hospitals in ohio, those with the flu must wear a mask. at least 18 children have died from the flu this season. >> our office, in the last two weeks has exploded with children. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the proportion of people seeing their doctor for flu-like symptoms jumped from 2.8% to 5.6%, doubling in just the last month. and doctors say by washing your hands and using hand sanitizer
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you can reduce your chances of becoming infected with the flu by as much as 30%. josh? >> thank you, alex. and again, get your flu shot. meanwhile, vice president joe biden begins a series of high-level meetings today, as the white house looks for consensus on gun control. tomorrow, he will sit down with the representative from the nra, which has proposed placing armed guards in all schools. the white house is also suggesting it may withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of next year. some analysts say it could be a negotiating ploy ahead of hamid karzai's visit to washington tomorrow. -- on friday. and the boeing 787 dreamliner flight had to be canceled because of a reported brake problem. this is the third mishap in three days. tuesday, a fuel leak was spotted minutes before takeoff in boston. monday, an electrical fire broke
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out on yet another 787 that had just landed. take a look at this terrifying scene in australia. a family, including five children, had to race into the water and cling to a dock for hours to escape this massive wildfire that tore through their neighborhood. trapped by a wall of flames. look at that. they treaded in water up to their chins for three hours. >> we saw tornadoes of fire. just coming across towards us. and the next thing we knew, everything was on fire. >> the grandfather eventually found a small boat. thankfully here, you can see everyone made it out okay. record heat fueling wildfires across the country. they hope it subsides today. wildfires in that country, though, no more destructive. >> thank you. we have a big headline this morning about lance armstrong. the cycling star will get his first television interview since being stripped of his tour de france titles.
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sitting down with oprah winfrey. john muller has the story. >> reporter: overnight, the company described the interview with lance armstrong as no-holds-barred. and say he will address head-on, accusations of cheating and drug abuse. >> i've known oprah winfrey for 30 years. she is not getting on her jet to hear another denial from lance armstrong. >> reporter: for years, the former seven-time tour de france champion has staunchly denied doping, even in the face of dwindling support and mounting evidence. >> i have never taken performance-enhancing drugs. >> reporter: after a scathing judgment by the u.s. anti-doping agency in october, armstrong was stripped of his titles, dropped by sponsors and forced to step down from the cancer charity he founded. now, some are wondering if the embattled cycling star is following a well-worn path to redemption, that begins with a nationally-televised mea culpa. >> if oprah blesses you and says i forgive you, it goes a long way with the american people.
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>> reporter: but for lance armstrong who has spent so much energy bitterly fighting accusers and whistle-blowers, many are questioning that the queen of absolution can help his cause. >> he torched his enemies. if thinks an apology, a few sentences, he can get his good name back, i can't imagine that's the case. >> reporter: this is a tricky situation, not only for a public relations standpoint, but also from a legal perspective. armstrong faces the potential of financial and civil liability if he were to confess to doping. a lot of people he did business with or rode with will be watching very closely. amy? >> as will the rest of the world. john, thanks so much. george, over to you. >> thank you, amy. i'm here, now, with governor chris christie. the republican star is riding high in new jersey, after his passionate and forceful response to hurricane sandy. and yesterday, he laid down a challenge to the politicians in
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washington. >> even with heartfelt believes, bipartisan compromise is possible. maybe the folks in washington in both parties could learn something from our record here in new jersey. >> and governor chris christie joins us now. you know, that comes on top of last week's press conference where you were very tough on house speaker john boehner, on sandy aid. and you took on the toxic and internal politics of house republicans. what do you want your party to learn? >> first off, something like sandy is and was above politics. there's certain things, george, that happen in our lives that have to be above politics that both parties try to rise above, as hard as it is for them sometimes. i would like them to learn to listen. listen to the people in my state. listen to the people in the state of new york. they're suffering and hurting. they don't understand why they had to wait seven-times longer than the victims of katrina. >> the aid is still held up. do you think it will get through? >> i'm hopeful.
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but, you know, at the end of the day, it's never done until it's done. i intend to keep the pressure on. >> you have a lot in your party, as the country continues to face the budget crisis coming up. the possibility of default in late february or march. you say, maybe the country should go into default. even a partial government shutdown. is that smart politics? or are they playing with fire? >> you have to use everything you have to be able to negotiate. but people want you to get things done. >> but going in default? >> george, what i think you have to do, is you have all tools available to you when you sit on the negotiating table. the fact of the matter is, everybody has to come to the table wanting to come to an agreement, ultimately. that's what we've been doing in new jersey for the last three years. i have a democratle lesdge lay church. we'll say some things publicly we have to back away from a little bit.
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but the reason we can do that is because we have trusting relationships with the democrats in the legislature. when we sit at the table, they know if i tell them i'm going to do something, i will do it. and if i won't, i won't. >> one of your potential opponents for governor this year, criticized your failure to take on the issue of gun control. you called for a national conversation. why not talk about it yesterday? >> well, george, you pick what you talk about in the state of the state address. given what happened to our state, the majority of our time should be talking about sandy, what it's done to our state and the challenges that we have in rebuilding. so, you will have plenty of time to talk about issues. i didn't talk about a tax cut proposal. i didn't talk about our plans on a number of other issues on reforming government. you make certain choices. i don't think the people of new jersey hear from me enough. >> what do you think should happen right now? we're waiting to hear from vice president biden's task force. we saw gabby giffords coming out yesterday to lead a national
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effort to prevent gun violence. what do you think should happen right now in the wake of this tragedy in newtown? >> well, i think we need to talk about all the aspects of why we're seeing this kind of outbreak of violence in our society. sure, we have to talk about gun control as part of that. new jersey has the second-toughest gun control laws in america, behind new york. >> assault weapons ban. should the whole country have one? >> we have one here. listen, i think that has to be part of the entire conversation. but if you stop there, you're shortchanging the problem. this young man in connecticut was obviously mentally ill, why wasn't he getting treatment? >> everybody's going to be watching you closely over the next four years. what are the prospects of a chris christie/hillary clinton presidential race in 2014? -- 2016? >> they're as good as anybody else. anybody that plans four years from now, george, is crazy. the fact of the matter is, i'm going to follow the advice my mother gave me. do the job that you have right now as well as you can do it. and the future will take care of itself. i'm running for four years as
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governor of new jersey because i want to serve four more years as governor of new jersey. >> and if the call comes in 2016, will you be ready? >> listen, i will be more ready than i was in 2012. i will have been on the job. that will be the decision we will make if and when the time comes. i want to be the governor of new jersey. i would like to do it for the next four. >> thanks for coming in this morning. >> happy to be here. thanks. now, to the chilling pictures of an american hostage just released by his family. he's a former fbi agent who vanished over five years ago, believed to be in iran. abc's brian ross is here this morning. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the family received these two photos and decided to make them public now because they feel that people in washington and tehran have not made his freedom a priority. even know, the photos of the father of seven, in a prison jumpsuit, with the wild beard
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and long, gray hair, are distressing to his children and his wife, christine. >> they're very difficult to look at. some of our daughters were crying to me over the phone about how upset they were to see them again. >> reporter: there's five different photos. each day with a disturbing message by his captors. the pictures, are designed to suggest he is being held by al qaeda. although u.s. officials are certain he is in iran. >> he looks miserable. looks like life has been tough right now. so, it's very depressing to see him that way. >> reporter: it has been almost six years since levinson, a veteran, former fbi agent, disappeared on the iranian island of quiche, traveling there as a healthy, well-groomed private investigator, in sharp contrast to how he appears here. the only sign of life of levinson, who has diabetes, came in this hostage video, posted on the internet, a little over a year ago.
7:13 am
>> please help me get home. >> reporter: the family held off posting these newly-released photos, for fear that his fate would turn into a partisan campaign issue. now, says his wife, they're through waiting for the politicians to act. >> i wouldn't say they dropped the ball. but i believe more can be done. we need people to pay attention every day. >> reporter: cut off from the world, levinson likely does not know that he has a 4-year-old grandchild, or that his eldest, daughter, susan, is getting married next month. >> very sad. thank you. now, to some of that stunning video of the man who got so drunk and out of control on a flight this weekend, that fellow passengers strapped him to his seat with duct tape. abc's john schriffen shows how much of a struggle it turned out to be. >> reporter: the unruly passenger can be seen in this newly-released cell phone video, screaming out.
7:14 am
fighting against the homemade duct-tape restraints around his chest, feet and mount. passengers onboard the flight from reykjavik to new york's jfk, says it all happened on thursday, when the passenger allegedly downed a bottle of duty-free alcohol during the flight. the man began accosting and hitting people onboard. passengers say he even tried to choke the person next to him, screaming the plane is going to crash. >> somebody who is completely out of control needs to be restrained. i've seen numerous times, especially since 9/11, passengers jumping in and making sure somebody gets restrained when they're acting odd or trying to break in the cockpit door. >> reporter: those onboard say that's what they did. you can see someone on the video cutting off sections of duct tape. this photo snapped by a wrists bound, his legs strapped together with a plastic tie. in a statement, iceland air says, after the passenger was restrained, he was monitored for the remainder of the flight. the plane landed without
7:15 am
incident. and the man was taken into custody. so far, authorities have not pressed charges. despite complaints from passengers they were scared enough to take matters into their own hands. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> people do not take any chances in airplanes anymore. >> they don't. and if they have duct tape handy, they put it to good use. now, to the battle brewing between amazon and target. the two retail giants gearing up for a giant faceoff. target wants to capture customers who scope out merchandise to go and buy it online. the superstar says it will match amazon's low prices. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: go ahead and admit it. we've all done it. get your hands on an item in the store and sneak home and buy it online. no one has profited more on what is called showrooming than i love this canon.
7:16 am
i've already seen on amazon that it is $376.99. they have it for 449. in the old days, i would look at it here, and order it there. not today. >> reporter: this morning, target is going where no major brick and mortar chain ever has. it will now match those cheap online prices by amazon, best buy, toys "r" us, and, in the store, permanently. it says price cut, $299. amazon, $193. we tried it out for ourselves. finding these three items for less when walking the aisles. when we went to ring them up. >> i'd be happy to match that for you. >> reporter: target looked them up and gave us the difference. no questions asked. look it up and like that. amazon knows the competition is heating up. but the official line is, bring it on. >> we love it. we love the competition. >> reporter: back at target, the new policy means that everything
7:17 am
you see now has potentially two prices. the one listed and the one they'll match in a whole, new world of retail. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> big price fight brewing. >> i like it. more ways to save money. right there in the palm of your hands. let's go to ginger zee. sam out in las vegas. good morning, everybody. we're rushing into texas. east texas, most of louisiana, under flood watches. if not flood warnings. i'll show you why. baton rouge, has had five inches of rain. san antonio, 2.3. college station, texas, 1.1 inches. a lot of those places do need the rain. but this is how much more is going to fall. i think wear going to see some pictures and video coming out of here tomorrow, that could be pretty impressive. don't drive into it. all those good tips apply today, around houston and louisiana. three to four inches are going to fall. i'll leave you with the outlook, orlando. one degree shy of a record high today.
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there is some warmth out there.
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>> and speaking of heat, it is official. the warmest year on record for the lower 48. we did it, 2012. i'll be talking more about that. >> ginger, thanks very much. and coming up, emotional moments in the dramatic trial of the woman accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend after he broke up with her. the new evidence revealed that caused her to break down in court. also ahead, the 911 call from a terrifying home invasion. the husband who helped save his wife and their twins. and what happens when your boyfriend leads your team to a 48-14 rout? for katherine webb, the it girl, we'll meet her coming up. duchess kate's birthday. the mom-to-be turns 31. we'll reveal what it takes to go royal. stay with us. the mom-to-be turns 31. we'll reveal what it takes to go royal. stay with us. at a dry cleaner,
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>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. barry bonds will find out if he is voted in to the hall of fame. they will announce results of the vote at 11:00 our time the many sportswriters have expressed reservations because of questions of steroid use.
7:24 am
votes were cast for roger clemens and sosa who have been linked to performance enhancing drugs. >> and now the wednesday o commute. >> still a bear on 880 southbound beyond 92 with an early accident cleared but you can see slow traffic remains and across the san mateo bridge, too, with a live shot you can see you are in a lost company. it is moving but it is sluggish. on the bay bridge it is sluggish on the upper deck. >> when we come back, mike
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>> welcome back, a picture with the sun coming up over the lower clouds and we have fog in the east bay valley. dense fog advisory until 9:00. current visibility is quarter-mile visibility at liver more and concord. and same around napa and novato and santa rosa although you are not in the dense fog advisory. now, temperatures, stepping out in the 30's at fairfield and livermore and santa rosa and the rest of us in the 40's
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hey, guys. it's katherine, miss alabama, usa, 2012. >> a lot of guys waving back this morning. katherine webb, stole a little focus from a.j. mccarron, became a national sensation. skyrocketing to fame. josh, give us a bulletin. where is she right now? >> kickoff, she had 1,400 followers. right now, 214,414. >> and rising. >> it's like the debt clock, by the way. keeps going, going, going. >> make that 15. 16. eddie just signed up. >> this poor, private person. >> three weeks, right, they've been together? >> we'll see how long it lasts with the newfound fame. also, we have the 911 calls that reveal what happened during a terrifying home invasion. a mother of two, hiding with her
7:30 am
children, on the phone. and her husband, preparing to face down that burglar. also ahead, a reality star under fire this morning, for waxing and then tweezing the eyebrows of her 3-year-old. she said it was to keep her 3-year-old daughter from being bullied. one could also argue just a by-product of the culture, i suppose. also coming up on the show, astonishing footage of jennifer aniston. why, oh, why, did she do this? a smashing performance on jimmy kimmel last night. we'll have that coming up. we're going to switch gears right now. right now, we have some 911 tapes from a terrifying home invasion story. a georgia mother of two was hiding in a crawl space with her children, when she came face-to-face with the burglar. what he didn't know was the mom was ready to protect her family with a .38 caliber handgun. >> reporter: there are many people here celebrating this
7:31 am
story, saying this is exactly how guns should be used. >> she shot him. she's shooting him. she's shooting him. >> reporter: donny says his wife, melinda, is still shaken up this morning, but he's glad she shot the man who broke into their georgia home and went after his family. >> my wife is a hero. she protected our kids. she did what she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner. >> yes, sir. we're dispatching the police right now. >> melinda, i'm on the phone with 911. >> reporter: she was on the phone with him friday as he called 911 from work. authorities released the tapes tuesday. >> is he in the house, melinda? are you sure? melinda, if he opens that door, you shoot. you shoot him. you understand? >> reporter: police say 32-year-old paul slater probably thought no one was home. and used a crowbar to break into the house. he said that he went after one of the 9-year-old twins as they ran upstairs and then broke through
7:32 am
a locked bedroom and a locked bathroom, before finding the attic, where the kids and the mother were hiding. >> stay in the attic. he's in the bedroom? okay. shh, shh. relax. just remember everything that i showed you. >> reporter: she's armed with a .38 revolver. drops the phone with her husband. and starts firing. she's shooting him. >> okay. >> shoot him again. >> reporter: slater was shot five times in the face and neck but managed to stumble out and drive away, before crashing his suv up the road and spilling on to a neighbor's yard. last year, he served six months in jail for battery. and has at least six other arrests on his record. >> the kids are at your neighbor's house. >> okay. >> and his wife's okay? >> the wife is okay. >> yes, sir. your wife is okay. >> reporter: this morning, slater is clinging to life at an atlanta hospital, unable to breathe on his own, accused of burglary and unlawful entry. donnie herman says his family doesn't apologize. >> her life is saved. and our kids' lives are saved.
7:33 am
>> reporter: herman says his wife is very upset. she's not speaking publicly about this right now. it's unlikely she'll be charged with anything. she works from home. and he had just taught her to use that gun. george? >> that is something. some story, steve. thank you. now, to the latest on that dramatic murder trial in arizona. prosecutors revealing crime scene photos they say proved jodi arias murdered her boyfriend in cold blood. they caused her to break down in the courtroom. abc's ryan owens is in phoenix with more on the story. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the pictures were so graphic that were shown in court, the truth is, a lot of people couldn't handle them. in fact, we saw one member of the jury, wiping away tears. travis alexander's sisters shielded their teary eyes, as prosecutors showed crime scene photos of alexander's bathroom. there is blood everywhere. signs of a struggle. police say his one-time girlfriend, jodi arias, stabbed him, slit his throat and shot him in the head in a jealous rage.
7:34 am
arias cries, too. she admits she killed him. but says it was self-defense. the medical examiner testified alexander's body was covered in stab wounds. and some were defensive. that he was fighting for his life. >> if you have injuries to the backs of the forearms or to the palms or backs of the hands. that is consistent with someone trying to either grab the knife or fend off injury. >> does that mean that mr. alexander was alive at the time that these injuries were inflicted? >> i believe he was. >> reporter: the graphic testimony is too much for alexander's sisters. they leave, careful not to look at the autopsy pictures of their brother on display for the jury. prosecutors believe arias attacked him as he showered, stabbing him 27 times, 9 times in the back. next, she slit his throat. finally, the shot to the head. likely, prosecutors believe, when he was already dead.
7:35 am
>> is that something that would -- >> reporter: the timeline is important to prosecutors, who say the 32-year-old should die for this crime. they believe it shows alexander's murder was especially heinous and warrants the death penalty. >> i want to talk to you a little bit about the gunshot wound. >> reporter: jodi arias' defense team tried to discredit that timeline. they argue she shot him first. and that the rest of his horrific injuries happened as the couple struggled. they will attempt to convince the jury, their timeline is consistent with a woman who killed, rather than be killed. up next on the stand, a former friend of jodi arias, who she had a romantic relationship with. he will testify that 12 hours after this crime, jodi drove that his house, was kissing him, actually making out with him, and never mentioned a word of what happened. >> ryan owens, thanks so much. let's go to ginger zee, in for sam this morning. ginger?
7:36 am
>> good morning, you guys. nasa went back to 1884. and until 2011, looked at all the surface temperatures. and this is what came up. watch this animation. this is over a century then. and you start to see things warm. it will get orange over most of the world. you can take it for many different reasons. there's more sites that are reporting. but, of course, we do know that overall, we've warmed from all of the records we've seen. and 2012 was the hottest on record for the period for the lower u.s. and 443 cities marked their warmest ever. that's what the red dots represent. you know who will have a warm day and likely a record? tampa and miami.
7:37 am
>> this weather report brought to you by h&r block. and just to point it out, new york city, 53. that's 15 degrees above average. >> we'll take it. >> ginger zee, everybody. >> you're welcome. >> got it all week. and coming up -- we'll meet katherine webb. america's new it girl. she is everywhere. and the reality star mom who is under fire for waxing her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows. why she says she did it to prevent bullying. eyebrows. why she says she did it to eyebrows. why she says she did it to prevent bullying. taxes for a fe what's a few? she said, "i think it's eight." she showed up with four file boxes of paperwork. "here, take my stuff and figure it out." i will do that for you. it's a mental challenge. it's a puzzle. but getting you the maximum refund- that's what i'm here for. bring it on.
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it is 7:41. we have the twitter update. katherine webb has more followers. if we said her name two days ago, not likely you would know who she was. today, there she is. a national it girl. and take a look at this. right now, on "the post" cover, not looking too shabby. and she happens to be the girlfriend of that guy, who just happened to win the national championship football title. take a look. >> you quarterbacks. you get all the good-looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow. >> reporter: the announcers of monday night's game seemed to be mesmerized by one particularly pretty fan, cheering on the crimson tide's star player. >> look who is really happy about that. >> reporter: shown on camera, not once, not twice, but repeatedly. katherine webb, the 23-year-old girlfriend of alabama's
7:42 am
quarterback, a.j. mccarron, is america's newest it girl. >> the real action was in the stands. >> judging over miss alabama. >> whoa, indeed. >> reporter: webb is now one of the top names searched on google and yahoo! the number of texts she's received, so overwhelming, it shut down her phone. and since monday night, her twitter account has been flooded with thousands of new admirers. before the game, she had just a few hundred followers. during the game, her popularity skyrocketed. and this morning, she passed 200,000. that's more than her football star boyfriend. >> she has 100,000 twitter followers now. >> no way. >> there's more followers on twitter. >> she's more famous than me. >> reporter: this isn't the first time she's been in the spotlight. she is a former model. he was crowned miss alabama 2012. >> alabama. >> reporter: she even broke into the top ten in last year's miss usa pageant.
7:43 am
>> i worked so hard and so long to be at that moment. and it changed my life completely. >> reporter: the brunette beauty's life changed again just three weeks ago, when she met mccarron. in an interview, webb says, i had no idea who a.j. was. but i thought he was cute. her alma mater, auburn university, is the bitter, instate rival to her boyfriend's school. they've been dubbed the romeo and juliet of alabama. all of the media attention would be awesome if i was looking to make something out of it. all i want to do is date a.j. my intentions are not to feed off of everything. they've been dating less than a month. but katherine says she is very serious about a.j. she will move from l.a. to atlanta to be with him. when a pro football player sent katherine a tweet with his phone number, it was a.j. who tweeted back, keep on dreaming. now, the update, josh.
7:44 am
>> she's added about 700 foll followers since 7:30. i'm told we have a graphic. there it is. >> new total. 215,022 and counting. >> the good folks at twitter, never prouder, i'm sure. >> there you have it. to be continued, josh. coming up, jennifer aniston like you've never seen her before. she's going to town on jimmy kimmel's desk. >> okay. we have that and a turkish karaoke contest, as you've never seen it before. stop it. stop. >> oh. [ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways to say get well to your loved ones. ♪ this came for you, mommy. [ female announcer ] but it takes the touch of kleenex® brand, america's softest tissue, to turn a gesture into a complete gift of care. [ barks ] send your own free kleenex® care pack... full of soothing essentials
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with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust. splenda makes the moment yours.
7:48 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> if you had been back about ten seconds earlier, america. i miss the inflatable couch there on the beach.
7:49 am
okay. we've all done karaoke. george, a mean care karaoker. there's a turkish karaoke show. the idea is to sing the song and never stop. if they can distract you from singing, you lose. and that's what is going on here. yes. that's a tarantula. >> what? >> wow. the wax is bad enough. >> i think the wax is worse. and he's still singing. still working. >> what is that? >> i don't know. i have no idea. >> it's a snake. a snake. >> okay. this is good. how bad does waxing hurt, by the way? has anybody waxed on this couch? >> it's brutal.
7:50 am
>> by the way, just so we're clear, he made it. >> what does he win? >> you know -- that question -- >> yes, he made it. >> a car? i hope it was worth it. it sure was for us. we want to thank you for that, turkish karaoke game show. coming up right here, the secret to the supermodels. what a transition that will be. heidi klum, diet secrets. what a transition that will be. heidi klum, diet secrets. go nowhere. joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. east palo alto is taking steps to prevent further flood damage. members of the conservation will show up a levee at the san francisquito creek. mike, what kind of rain do we get? >> scattered light showers less than .1 itch so no flooding worries. we have fog inland, quarter-mile visibility or less through 9:00. temperatures right now or mostly in the 40's and the 50's with scattered showers this good morning. >> northbound 101 at 880 junction first reports of an
7:56 am
accident in the san jose and sunnyvale a delay. and bart
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ crowd out in times square this morning. going to warm up all day long here in new york. we want to say hi to robin at home. sam is in las vegas, for the miss america pageant. look at the control room. what are they doing, amy? >> apparently, those are called stability balls. they're having a lot of fun in the control room on them. a little bounce to their morning. this is part of our jumpstarting january. this is what supermodels do in their spare time. heidi klum revealing her tips to get runway ready right now. >> and get ready, everybody. there she is. we have style and beauty expert, greta monahan, with our supermodel secret of the day. >> coconut water. >> coconut water.
8:00 am
>> pass this down. >> beverage of the morning. >> yeah. this is a supermodel secret. coming up later, i'm going to tell you why. if you want beautiful hair, sparkling eyes. great skin. >> all from coconut milk? >> yep. >> that's joy in a box. >> joy in a box. thanks, greta. >> thank you. >> bye. >> there she goes. also coming up, unbelievable footage of jennifer aniston. smashing appearance she had last night on jimmy kimmel. that set off his new show. we'll tell you all about it. also ahead, again, we're using the star here about as loosely as we can. this is really a by-product of the culture. this is the show "teen mom." and she's speaking out about why she gave that adorable little 3-year-old girl, a waxing. she waxed her brows. and she said it was because she
8:01 am
was worried her 3-year-old would be bullied. we'll have that story, such as it is, for you. we're going to turn around and say happy birthday, to kate middleton, who turns 31 today. we'll tell you how the mom-to-be is planning to celebrate. and what it really takes to transform into a royal, rather than being married by a royal. >> that's intriguing. >> there's more to come, george. first, let's get some news from josh. >> we're going to begin with those new concerns about whether our hospitals can now handle the surge of new flu patients the nation over. 41 states are now trying to cope with this fast-moving epidemic. patients seeking treatment have nearly doubled in the last month alone. some e.r.s are so overwhelmed, paramedics have been forced to take patients elsewhere. among the hardest-hit groups, children. at least 18 have died thus far this flu season. and now, to the issue of gun violence. today, new york's governor is expected to unveil sweeping, new gun laws, including new restrictions on assault weapons and limits on the number of bullets in a gun cartridge.
8:02 am
vice president biden and his task force begin holding talks at the white house today. he'll meet with the nra tomorrow. at least 57 people have been injured this morning after ferry crashed while docking in lower manhattan near wall street. many of the victims had to placed on stretchers before being take on the hospitals with potential head and neck injuries, they had been standing to disembark. the good news here, the authorities most, if not all of the injuries, are in fact minor. and the wife of the chicago man who died suddenly after winning the lottery is speaking out about her husband's death. she tells abc news she was shocked to learn that her husband, the man you see there, urooj khan, died of cyanide poisoning. she says he had no enemies. investigators plan to exhume khan's body to learn exactly how he was poisoned. and a troubling, new study
8:03 am
finds that even drinking soda, even diet soda, can increase your risk of becoming depressed. reer is eveners found that people that drink four or more cups of sweetened beverage per day, had a 30% higher risk of becoming depressed. doctors admit more research is needed. and they also found that coffee actually lowered the risk for depression. and this morning, "the wall street journal" reports that apple is thinking about selling a less-expensive iphone, featuring a plastic case and older components. pending a final decision, this could hit the market by year's end. should be interesting. imagine walking into school, minding your own business. you walk into class. and you see that fella. or -- no. that's a fella. that deer, crashing through the window, just before class began at a junior high in ohio. no one was hurt. just wanted to learn. and rather fitting because the school is located in deerfield. it's located in deerfield.
8:04 am
see what i did there? >> that's a perfect segue, josh. >> d'oh. >> yes. hi, lara. >> hi, i really don't have any of those today. you would have been proud yesterday. today, we just have a lot of news, george. we're going to get right to it. good morning, everybody. we begin "pop news" this morning with your exclusive, first look at jennifer lawrence as katniss everydean, in the upcoming "hunger games" sequel. "entertainment weekly" magazine, kind enough to give it to us. they talk with the superstar about everything from the her upcoming movie, to losing weight, which she says she does not buy into. and we love her for that. check out the new issue of "entertainment weekly" on newsstands on friday. kim and kanye have bought a starter house, on steroids. "the new york post" reporting the expectant couple will allegedly have plenty of space
8:05 am
for their growing family, in this $11 million fixer-upper. they bought in the bel air section of l.a. they're said to be totally renovating the 10,000-square-foot house, which will include, a movie theater, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a pool, and a full hair and makeup salon for kim. >> fixer-upper. okay, from one of our favorite amigos, comes a brand-new -- tequila. george clooney has teamed up with his ex. >> what did she have today? >> they might have sent me a sample. george and rande gerber have created their tequila brand. george has directed a short film that stars the amigos and their gal pals. it's called "it could happen, please drink responsibly." which is interesting, because it was reportedly shot at one of george's homes. and it's said to be loosely based on a true story.
8:06 am
clooney and gerber have been trying to create this tequila for years. and hopefully it will be available at restaurants and bars around the country very soon. it's already available here. it's not. it's not. and finally, everybody -- that song. a smashing appearance by jennifer aniston. we've been talking about it all morning long. she was on jimmy kimmel's debut show in his new time slot at 11:35 last night. and aniston got right to funny business. taking a sledgehammer to what she thought was kimmel's old set. unfortunately, it turned out to be his new set. and why not? she decided after that, she would give him a haircut. kimmel says that his new time slot gets him 30 minutes closer to his real dream job, of hosting "the view." time for our pop quiz. we asked -- which movie is leading the race for the british academy film awards? we have our favorites. which one of these three do you think is going to go for the gold? "les mis?" "lincoln?" "argo?"
8:07 am
we're going to let you know after weather. next to ginger zee. she's in for sam this morning. good morning. a great crowd out here. it's actually really mild. i have to tell you a stat about chicago. you did it, chicago. 320 days without snow. that breaks a record. that's all in a row. and none on the way. and look at that heavy rain. we have people behind me from dallas. y'all had about two inches of rain, by the way. now, it's moving north. it will stay through from chicago, to minnesota. not a snow system. and look at the winter cold that's kind of jetting in. it's going to dig in. and watch the temperatures tumble. 54 for denver today. but by saturday, 23. across the nation, a little fly. florida, very warm. a lot of records will be tied or broken. duluth, today, 29. a little different in the northern plains.
8:08 am
>> i'm going to get some help out here. dina is going to toss back in. >> lara, let's go back to you. >> thank you. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the teen mom under fire for waxing her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows. why she says it was to prevent bullying. plus, happy birthday, kate middleton. what it really takes to be a duchess. and secrets of the supermodels. heidi klum revealing her top beauty and fitness tips. all that and josh brolin, live, on "gma," here in times square. a gorgeous day to join us. square.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold. welcome back. 8:14. and now, the answers to our pop quiz of the day. and we asked, which movie is leading the race for the british academy film awards? which one of those three do you guys think? >> "lincoln." >> "les mis."
8:14 am
>> george? >> i'll go with "lincoln." right as usual, george. ten nominations. >> josh was right, too. >> close behind is "les mis." they have seven. then, wait, can you go back? "les mis" has nine and "argo" has seven. this could be a sign of the top contenders in the oscar nominations. that all happens right here. >> tomorrow morning. that's going to be a lot of fun. but, right now, we're going to turn to reality tv star, farrah abraham. from mtv's "teen mom." she's appalled a lot of fans when she waxed a plucked the eyebrows of her 3-year-old. she said she was only trying to keep her daughter from being bullied. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: we've seen the extreme some moms will go to make their toddlers in tiaras look pretty. but some say mtv's "teen mom" star, farrah abraham, went a little too far, after trying to
8:15 am
wax and then pluck her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows. abraham sat down with abc news overnight to explain why she did it. >> people just kept commenting on a unibrow. >> reporter: she said her 3-year-old, sofia, faced so much criticism, she thought waxing was the only option. >> what i had said was, hey, mommy's going to try to pluck your eyebrows. there's too much hair there. >> reporter: when the wax didn't work, she waited until sofia fell asleep and plucked her brow. >> that's hot. watch out. >> reporter: the 20-year-old mom, seen her in bandages, recently underwent her own makeover. she's reportedly had a breast augmentation, a nose job, and a chin implant. some calling her obsessed with her physical appearance. claiming she's projecting her desires on to her daughter. >> cosmetic surgeries to me are something that is way different from plucking your eyebrows. >> reporter: as for her daughter, dermatologists say the earliest plucking should begin is at age 7 or 8.
8:16 am
>> at 3 years old, the skin is definitely very sensitive and very delicate. and to wax the skin of a 3-year-old, you have a higher risk of creating a burn. >> if i can help my daughter in a little way, by plucking a few hairs, i think i did something right. i would never put hot wax on her. >> reporter: abraham says she and her daughter are both proud of her new eyebrows. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> hmm. >> reprehensible. i was going to say. >> yeah. i don't know what 3-year-olds are getting bullied. we'll leave that to her hands. and let the people decide. let's move on to kate. all eyes on the duchess, as she turns 31 today. no sign of a baby bump. but her every move, during her much-anticipated pregnancy is being dissected. and what's being called a katepedia, is that right? did i say that right? >> yes.
8:17 am
>> okay. just making sure. >> you're the first one to say it. >> that's what i feel like. >> what's being called by amy robach. a katepedia. >> that's an exhaustive study of what it takes to be her, has just been published. abc's lama hasan is just outside buckingham palace with all of the details. lama, help me? >> reporter: good morning, amy. yes, you did pronounce it correctly. well, the palace said that this mother-to-be is celebrating her 31st birthday in private. but what better birthday present, than to have a style guide built around you. as the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. it may be the most meticulous guide ever conceived about the most famous mother-to-be. every detail of kate's style scrutinized, in the facts and figures. in the brand-new british "vogue." dissecting the formula to her everyday glamour. just explain to us what
8:18 am
katepedia really is. >> it's a forensic look at her style. and it was weeks of work. and we looked at over 30,000 pictures of her. outfits were counted. teeth were counted. >> reporter: so, how does the duchess stack up? and what is the deep dive into all details kate reveal about her? >> i think that kate feels like she's one of us. she could be everybody's best friend. she's sort of the everygirl, while at the same time, she is on that pedestal of being a member of the royal family. >> she's not a pop star. she's not a television personality. she's something other. she sort of stands for something special and grounding. and they work for their country. >> reporter: stack up all her official outfits, 100 in total. if you want to be a true copy kate, wear blue. from cobalt, to cornflower, it was huge. 24% of the time.
8:19 am
classic kate almost always carries a clutch. holding it with both hands almost 50% of the time. and wear drop earrings, about 1 1/3 inches in length. smile showing almost an average of nine teeth. and that fascinator, tilted a stylish 50 degrees, shows off the cheekbones. you know why "british vogue" has only done a similar spread once before, it was on the queen. and it wasn't so in depth. but still it was so successful, they decided to do it all over again with kate because they believe she is such a great style icon. amy? >> indeed, lama. you can see kate middleton's top 31 looks at "good morning america." get it? 31. she's turning 31. >> i totally did. >> wait. now i do. i thought maybe -- >> how many teeth? >> i was counting. i think i have the nine-tooth smile. i'm hoping. can we jumpstart our
8:20 am
january? time to do it. we're jumpstarting january, with secrets today of the supermodels. heidi klum revealing her health and beauty secrets for looking runway ready to our cecilia vega. take a look. >> hi, everybody. >> reporter: runway ready, supermodel, in one word, perfection. heidi klum has to be in the gym all day, every day, right? >> i have to drag myself to exercise, too. i have to find time to do it, too. >> reporter: you don't look like someone who has to drag yourself. >> i drag myself, too. i work. i have four children. i don't just roll out of the bed and think, what am i going to do today? >> reporter: mom, model, tv show host. >> i'm sorry. that means you're out. totally natural hair and makeup, like i just woke up. >> reporter: and today, shooting an ad campaign for her line of workout clothes for new balance. what are her secrets to doing it all and still looking this good?
8:21 am
heidi says rule number one is to, well, look good. >> when you exercise and you look good, you have a good outfit on, you feel better about yourself immediately. i don't like to where shlumpy-looking things. >> reporter: this supermodel doesn't have a trainer. and she hates the gym. heidi's rule number two, exercise wherever you can. >> if it's walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, taking your dog for a walk, instead of having a dog walker. for me, it's not so much about lifting the weights. you know, i lift the shopping bags, the grocery bags. >> reporter: rule three, don't sweat that number on the scale. >> really, i see it on my pants. if i can't close them, you know, something has to stop. >> reporter: and that something -- >> i love potatoes. i'm german. i love potatoes. >> reporter: i'm chips. there's a chip i don't eat. >> i like mashed potatoes. baked potatoes. any kind of potato. >> reporter: but the biggest supermodel secret of them all?
8:22 am
>> you just have to move your bootee. and it has to come from within. >> reporter: i had to have a demonstration. are there any, like, exercises you can show me that is -- as you're walking? she wants me to run. if only i could keep up. for "good morning america" -- >> see, i take the short cut. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> we thank you, heidi. we hear you. we're going to exercise wherever we can. even here on the air, at work. these are balance ball chairs from gaiam work. they work your core. they align your spine. they give you ergonomic back support. are you aligning? is everybody align? everybody in the control room is aligned and looking good, i might say. sitting on stability balls. and now, we have style and beauty guru, greta monahan, with three other tips. >> how are we exercising here?
8:23 am
>> you're aligning your spine. and it strengthens your core. it really helps to do this. >> whoa. >> greta, you have simple tips. >> supersimple. so, coconut water. cheers. you will see this at every fashion show because he has replaced -- it's actually nature's sports drink. you have less sugar, less carbohydrates and all-around healthy. >> coconut water and oil. >> i have the oil here. this is amazing water because this is pretty much something you pick up anywhere. it's pennies a capful. and you can put this on the hair, roots there through. it will clear up everything. >> is it good for your skin, too? >> body, added moisturizers. pump up the moisture. >> it's the year of the coconut. >> it is. >> and there's another oil you love, as well. >> this is argan oil. it's a very premium, rare,
8:24 am
essential oil. it's 100%, argan, organic. a woman supermodel herself, made this into a total cosmetic line. you can put this, argan oil. it's actually from a tree. an argan tree. it's very rare. it's grown in morocco. >> why do we need it in our life? >> because this is a major hydrator. you get three-times the hydrating benefits. >> you put it right on the face? >> supermodels are all about it. under eyes. you can use it everywhere on the body and the hair. and then, the last one is vitamin e. you can take these, to ingest. but one of the coolest tips i learned being backstage, is taking one of these. and they carry them in ziplocs, the models. you prick this. and you can put it on your skin, to protect your hands, on your hair. and you are good to go. >> you put on a little -- if you have a scab or something. >> healing.
8:25 am
>> it helps. >> amazing as a home pedicure. >> we're going to take a look at tara. and when we come back, tara will be transformed into our off-duty model look. think heidi klum. think gisele. and you're going to give us that look. are you ready, tara? to do the off-duty model look? and everybody else, we're engaging cores, because we're jumpstarting our january. stay with us. we'll have more when "gma" comes back.
8:26 am
>> now officer abc7 -- from abc7 news. a candlelight vigil is planned at 6:00 tonight outside st. francis hospital to support the woman set on fire by her boyfriend. 25-year-old starr lamare is treated for burns do her face and neck. the investigators say she was doused with gas and set on fire on sunday after an argument with her boyfriend at a bayview district laundromat. her boyfriend, 22-year-old dexter oliver is in the san francisco county jail. he faces charges of attempted murder and arson. >> the commute? >> bart is cleared up but we have train five at ten minutes late and train seven is on time with no other mass transit problems. we have a big delay on the peninsula north 101 before shoreline at the stalled big rig blocking a lane with very slow traffic. new accident in oakland 980 at
8:27 am
10th. kristen? >> we will check out mike nicco's forecast wh
8:28 am
>> welcome back and san rafael this morning has fog hanging around but especially thick the deeper you are inland beblow quarter-mile visibility in livermore and fairfield and nap that and quarter-mile visibility in conquer and santa rosa. dense fog will hang around through 9:00 or 10:00. most of us in the upper
8:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] happy crowd out here in times square. including some honeymooners. and we just got some news in. robin just tweeted to everybody. she said "gma" is a great way to start my day. i'll have what lara spencer is having this morning. robin, it is not tequila. but look at that. see you very soon, smiley face, which puts a smile on all of our faces. so good to hear. hello, robin. so glad you're loving the show this morning. and get ready to jumpstart your january again. secrets of the supermodel time. >> style and beauty expert, greta monahan, is here to show us how you can get the casual, everyday look models have when they're not on the runway. remember our producer, tara. here's the before pic. moments ago, we took this before picture. do we have it? there it is. now, let's bring tara in now.
8:30 am
>> that was a two-second transformation. how did you do it? >> easy. this is your off duty uniform. air, leave it natural. less is more. big glasses. a knit. no matter what part of the country we live in. dark denim. boots or pumps and a big bag. that's your model off-duty model look. >> you look very famous. >> you're fabulous. we love your tips. more tips on and you can see more of greta on "rachael ray." and ahead, leading man, josh brolin, back on the big screen. he's here to talk about his action-packed crime drama. >> "gangster squad." looking forward to that. there he is. and speaking of rachael ray, there she is. along with guy fieri. and we're going to have the "gma" food challenge. who can win?
8:31 am
they can actually tie because they have the same number of questions. who might tie? that will be good. >> right down to the wire. this is going to be pretty good, too. we're one day away from finding out this year's oscar nominations. seth macfarlane and emma stone will be announcing them right here tomorrow morning. you can watch it live on "gma." we are so excited, we thought we would pay tribute to our favorite performances of the past year, by taking them on ourselves. take a look. oh, no. last awards season, "gma" turned up the hollywood heat. >> the terms are nonnegotiable. >> there's a dragon on your shoulder. >> reporter: now, in honor of oscar, we'll pay homage to some of the biggest box office hits of the year. >> calling all avengers. we have a situation in times square. avengers assemble. >> we're going to leave the fate
8:32 am
of the human race to a handful of freaks. >> i'm not leaving anything to anyone. we need a response team. these people may be isolated, unbalanced, even. i believe with the right push, they can be exactly what we need. ♪ >> woo. >> robert, thanks for the loaner, man. >> to the twin jets. >> i'll drive. >> i call shotgun. >> america? >> yeah. >> what do you think of hawkeye's driving?
8:33 am
>> well, i don't want to say it's bad. but i think we missed that left turn at albuquerque. >> reporter: our pal, jimmy kimmel, joined us to celebrate "the hunger games." >> they are en fuego. >> hot, right? >> you're on fire. you're on fire. >> i am actually hot. >> reporter: and of course no "gma" day at the movies would really be complete without a little "magic mike." >> i think i see a lot of law-breakers up in this house. ♪ >> not a chance.
8:34 am
>> no? >> we apologize to the academy. but we'll have the oscar nominations tomorrow, live, on "gma." >> where did the facial hair go? >> i shaved this morning. >> morning show killing performances, too. >> great to see robin. >> that is awesome. that is awesome. >> right here tomorrow. right now, great weather, to boot, ginger. >> we have great weather. and we have a great episode of "modern family" all-new tonight. and we have a preview. check it out. >> say hello to marty, bob. >> how are you doing, jay? >> ex-husband, hugo. and billy dee. >> are you serious? billy dee williams? i'm a huge fan. >> now, you have -- none of these guys have seen me in anything since "mahogany." >> never even saw that.
8:35 am
>> me, either. >> you're kidding. billy dee is an alderman that was trying to keep diana ross in chicago, rather than becoming an international designer. my son made me watch it with him. he's gay. >> oh, good. i didn't want to be the one to tell you. >> i do look forward to this. you can, tonight, 9:00/8:00 central. let's talk about weather. it's going to be 53 degrees in new york city today. all part of our warming up trend that i'll show you in a moment. first, we need to say good morning to our friends in rochester, minnesota. ab66 news sent us this. we don't see you talking about rochester, minnesota, often. we did. and we're going to talk about the warm-up on the backside of that high-pressure system. look at chicago. goes to 57 on friday. right before the weekend, that comes with some rain in the form of that. earlier, i said 320 days without snow for chicago. need to amend that. that's without one inch. more snow, certainly more than an inch, in parts of the west. look at billings, montana, on the edge of the one-foot-plus
8:36 am
area. and warm in florida. atlanta, 58 today. severe storms possible along the gulf coast. >> this weather report brought to you by the florida department of citrus. lara? >> indeed. thank you for that great weather report. and coming up right here, josh brolin, live. talking about "gangster squad." st
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
it is great to have josh brolin back with us today, to talk about his new movie, "gangster squad." he teams up with sean penn, playing a tough l.a. cop who takes on notorious mob boss, mickey cohen. >> nobody will ever know what we've done.
8:40 am
no medals. no promotion. but i'm here to tell you, there's death in it, waiting for the man who hesitates. right now, our only advantage is that he won't know who we are. so, i have only one rule in this outfit. leave these at home. we're not solving a case here. we're going to war. >> guess some trouble's coming with josh brolin right there. >> we're going to war. i'll i see when i look at that, is a guy that had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and workout. and after work, had to workout. and had to look like that. like clint eastwood. >> i love the look. you did say, and i read this, you felt a real personal connection to this movie and this part. >> i wanted to. it's not that i do. the guy has incredible integrity. incredible honor. i hope that i do. i aspire to be a guy like this. >> this is a real good guy. >> this is a real good guy. and sean penn's a real bad guy. not personally, but
8:41 am
professionally. it's nice to have this shakespearean good/bad thing going. it's a different kind of role for me. it's popcorny fun. >> a lot of laughs. but it's a real drama, as well. and what a cast. >> a great cast. >> not only sean penn, ryan gosling, emma stone, nick nolte. big ensemble. >> did you see nick nolte. he was in a robe. didn't know what nick is going through, ever. i aspire to that, too. i aspire to him. >> did he explain why he was in the robe? >> no. you say, nick, why are you in the robe. he says, ah -- >> and sean penn, the second time you worked together. of course, in "milk." can you describe his tan on the red carpet? we have the photo. >> he and i took the pictures. it's not a fake tan. is that what you're alluding to? >> i remember looking in the
8:42 am
newspaper and he looked very dark. >> i love he came to the premiere with a tan. he's really healthy. he's been running four miles a day. he's in haiti. he doesn't have time to put on makeup. he literally came from haiti right to the premiere. >> good thing. >> he's done a lot. >> he's done a lot of really great work. we're going to work together again this summer. we have another movie. >> what's this summer? >> "crazy for the storm," norman olmstead's book. >> i have to ask, what happened on new year's day? >> new year's. that's what happened. i mean, i'm the one guy who is out there. and they go, hey, that's josh. let's grab him. it was new year's. it was a pretty innocent thing. it was a fun thing. >> and it's all passed? >> the most awful thing about it, is you see this shot of me like this. they don't show you the other shot, when i turn and i have a huge smile on my face. so, it was -- whatever. they were very sweet to me, actually. >> that's the way it goes, right? >> always.
8:43 am
you sensationalize it and make it into something else. whatever. >> you grew up in this world. you didn't immediately take to acting. what made you decide to get into it? >> i wanted to be a lawyer. and then, i realized it was the same thing. >> you're going to have to explain that now. >> i can put all this together. i wanted to get into criminal law, of all things. and so, i've hybrided everything. and i'm doing exactly what i want to do. >> and playing a lawman in "gangster squad." >> i love the whole 12 angry men. and watching these movies. and started getting into criminal law and what is it working with juries and this and convincing people of that. it is. it's acting. so, it was -- the odds were worse. but i wanted to go for this one. >> seems like it was a pretty damn good choice. >> thanks, man. >> doing a great job. >> "gangster squad" opens this weekend. coming up, it's rachael ray
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back to the show. some of the most popular cooking questions to two of america's most popular chefs. rachael ray and guy fieri. just kicking off the second season of their food show, "rachael versus guy." they're here to battle it out. and see if they can answer the common questions from the kitchen. first, let's meet our contestants. >> i love your game show aura.
8:47 am
it's phenomenal. >> it's a fun show. >> most intense thing i think either one of us have done. we coach two celebrity teams. they work their butts off. it's like "dancing with the stars." but instead of rhinestones, they have fire and knives. >> i don't know how to say it any better than that. but you have great celebrities coming in, fighting for their charity. and putting themselves on the line all around food. you think the first season was crazy. wait until you see season two. >> i have to tell you, competitive cooking. there's no more taxing thing we can do on television. are you ready to play our little game? >> get over to your side. back off. >> is that a real microphone? >> yes. here we go. are you ready for me to spin the fake wheel? first question is for rachel. >> all right. all right. >> rachael ray? >> yes. >> how do we make a healthier
8:48 am
version of mac and cheese? >> swap out your macaroni to whole wheat or whole grain macaroni. and put more protein or fiber in your children's diets. and hide the vegetables. puree some cauliflower. and mix it in. there you go. >> and add tortillas. >> that is right. yes. food fight. there will be no food fighting on our fake celebrity cookoff show. the next question is for -- for guy. and that question is -- guy, what is the best make-ahead meal for the whole family to enjoy? the whole family. >> i have no idea. but i'm going to go with have your 16-year-old kid, hunter, make it before you get home. and it would be taco night. >> taco night. all right.
8:49 am
>> correct. taco night. that is correct. >> that's a good one, guy. good one. >> thank you. on the edge. >> rachael? >> yeah? >> how can i -- how can i avoid a crack in my cheesecake? >> that was the cheesecake, right? >> yes. i would ask my sister, maria to make it. but you're supposed to cook it in a water vat. but i think if you crack pies or cheesecake, hide it. i have macerated berries, soaked in lemoncelo. there's no crack in that. and you have the lemoncello leftover. >> we're going to go to the judges? hide the crack?
8:50 am
>> hide the crack. >> did she just win with hide the crack? >> she may have, guy. guy, you get to get right back in this, buddy, with this. the super bowl, right around the corner. "gma" going to new orleans. by the way, the best tips for fast and easy game-day eats? >> well, everybody likes sitting around watching the game, watching the super bowl, eating chili. friends with chili come together. so, i see some dragon's breath chili. and great cold cuts. you have the mortadella. a little mortadella in the morning. everybody loves it. that's my tip. >> breakfast of champions. >> another good one, guy. >> that's correct. another good one. >> i stand a chance here. got another chance. >> bonus question. fancy graphics suggest that's the bonus question. rachael, the secret to perfectly roasted chicken. >> if you have the chicken a day
8:51 am
in advance, i prep it with kosher salt. and leave it in the fridge overnight. brianing is also delicious. if you're cook it last-minute, slather butter between the skin and the bird. and cut in citrus and herbs into the cavity while it's roasting. >> slather, brine and cook it up. that's correct. guy needs this point to advance. >> come on, guy. >> the question is, guy, a healthy dessert that even the kids will love? >> hmm. i don't know. i'm going to go with -- no. i'm going to go with chocolate-dipped bananas in the candy. >> those are good. >> there you go. >> and i have -- i think we have a tie. >> all right. our thanks to our lovely contestants.
8:52 am
"rachael versus ray" celebrity cookoff. go to to get rachael and guy's recipes, including dragon chili. and we will be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
sharing in the glory. guy fieri, rachael ray, thanks very much. tomorrow, big day on "gma." blockbuster oscar morning. we're live at the nominations with seth mcmarlin and emma stone. have a great day, everyone.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now from abc7 news.
8:58 am
>> barry bonds will find out if he was voted into the hall of fame. they will announce the results of the vote at 11:00 our time. many sport writers expressed reservation of bonds because of questions of steroid use. >> a changing and cold forecast. mike? >> thank you, kristen. thick fog is dissipating. we still have clouds and scattered clouds in the north bay and sliding south through the bay during the afternoon and evening hours. less than .1" of rain. cooler tonight, 30's and 40's with a stray shower tomorrow over the ocean and snow level down do 1 ,000 and frosty conditions friday and saturday morning. >> westbound highway four, at summersville, a new accident in the right lane with very slow traffic leaving antioch and before sure line on the pent that, an early stalled big rig cleared but slow traffic from before 237 northbound 101 and an
8:59 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of the hbo series "californication," david duchovny. and from the new comedy, "a haunted house," marlon wayans. and diet and nutrition tips for 2013 as we continue our "kick-start the new year week." plus, get ready. we have a big announcement you won't want to miss. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]

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